Join Us for an Exclusive Webinar on Federal Government Digital Modernization

In a digital era where access to information is expected to be instantaneous, the current state of government digital services has room for substantial improvement. Clare Martorana, the Federal CIO for the Office of Management and Budget, recently highlighted the urgency for the U.S. government to enhance its digital offerings. With only a mere 2% of government forms digitized and a significant portion of websites not designed for mobile or accessible by individuals using assistive technologies, the call for modernization has never been louder.

Recognizing this pressing need, we are thrilled to announce an upcoming webinar scheduled for March 19 at 1:00 p.m. EST, where we will introduce solutions to these challenges. In collaboration with Equalize Digital and WordPress VIP, we’ll showcase how federal agencies can leverage modern digital strategies and WordPress capabilities to significantly improve public access and efficiency.

Webinar Highlights:

  1. Lone Rock Point’s Success Stories: Discover how custom integrations utilizing WordPress Gutenberg,, and the US Web Design System were instrumental in the relaunch of NASA’s flagship website and the introduction of the new NASA+ streaming service. 
  2. Learn about CivicPress, a pioneering WordPress Full Site Editing theme designed for the US Web Design System.
  3. Equalize Digital’s Expertise: Gain insights into how state and federal agencies are being guided through the crucial Section 508 accessibility requirements and explore the innovative Accessibility Checker Plugin developed by our good friends at Equalize Digital to ensure website compliance and confidence.
  4. WordPress VIP’s Role in Government Modernization: Understand the impact of the WordPress ecosystem, coupled with the extensibility and security provided by the managed platform of our partner WordPress VIP, in driving digital transformation initiatives across various federal agencies.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore how our collaborative efforts are setting the standard for digital government services. Reserve your spot now for an insightful discussion on ushering in a new era of government digital service modernization.

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