NASA’s Flagship Website Launches on WordPress

Last Thursday night, on September 28, Lone Rock Point reached the latest and most critical milestone to date in supporting NASA’s Web Modernization program by launching a new version of NASA’s Flagship website, This is the climax of 18 months of active web development, data migration, and content building. Eighteen months that followed a year of user experience design and evaluating various enterprise content management systems that might meet NASA’s web modernization needs. When this project started, it was far from a foregone conclusion that WordPress would be the future CMS for NASA, but WordPress has indeed replaced Drupal …

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WordCamp US 2023 Recap

WPVIP Government Summit Our WordCamp week actually started the day before WCUS officially began and it started as an evening full of learning and connection. First, we had the pleasure of attending the WPVIP Government Summit at the Washington Hotel in Washington DC. This was a great opportunity to meet other government organizations using WordPress and hear from speakers discussing their experiences with digital transformation.  J.J. participated on a panel of WPVIP agency partners, including Amber Hinds of Equalize Digital, who has been collaborating with us on the NASA Flagship WordPress project. J.J. spoke on the importance of digital maturity …

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The NASA WordPress Public Beta

Earlier this week, Lone Rock Point helped NASA reach a major milestone in its Web Modernization program by launching a public beta of the NASA Flagship website with a modernized UX operating on WordPress. We’re so happy to share this with the world for the first time and its been delightful to watch the reaction on Twitter. Here’s a few of our favorites. Exciting news! Today marks the soft rollout of the new @NASA website! Discover a sleek and user-friendly platform that brings you closer to our missions, discoveries and the wonders of space. Explore the cosmos like never before! …

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Michelle Wolverton says goodbye to Lone Rock Point

As I write this I’m feeling a bittersweet mix of emotions. I’m also feeling sadness and excitement as I take the next step in my career and depart Lone Rock Point, the place that has been my professional home for the past few years. Because of my work in this role, I have been presented with an extraordinary opportunity to work at NASA as a product manager while overseeing a portion of the Agency’s web footprint, helping to meet IDEA requirements – because I believe that growth lies in the flinch, I accepted this position. Making the choice to leave …

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Michelle Wolverton and J.J. Toothman

When CERN changed the course of my life

The web changed my life. I mean, we can all say that, but the web became the centerpiece of the professional career I ended up pursing and just a massive part of who I am. Timing is everything and this case is no different for me. It’s worth revisiting all this within the context of CERN releasing the web into the public domain on April 30, 1993. There is no measure by which this can not be viewed as a landmark historical event for society, but also for me. At that particular moment in April ‘93, I was a senior …

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First web page from CERN

Adopting SAFe with NASA

The world of product management is constantly evolving, with methodologies and frameworks emerging to address the unique challenges of developing and delivering successful products. Gaining significant popularity in recent years, one such methodology is known as Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). Our company recently became much more familiar with this framework and have embraced the benefits that we’ve gained along the way. Designed to enable enterprise organizations to scale Agile practices across multiple teams and projects, SAFe offers a structured approach that promises efficiency, collaboration, and faster time-to-market.  One of our team’s more in-depth projects at Lone Rock Point has been …

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Lone Rock Point Attends WordCamp US in San Diego

Meeting your colleagues for the first time is always a nerve-racking experience. We all remember our first day at the office – the trepidation that comes with learning a new role and making a strong first impression with your coworkers. But for remote workers who already know each other, that first face-to-face is a different, and often more rewarding experience. Last week, most of our Lone Rock Point colleagues were brought together for the first time at WordCamp US San Diego, a conference designed to sharpen our CMS chops with WordPress and get to know some of the thought leaders …

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Organizer badge for WordCamp US 2023

What is Design Thinking?

Ever wonder how major brands like Apple and Google can churn out unique products that fulfill the needs of their customers, and create new ones in the process? Much of this can be attributed to design thinking. Regardless of which industry you work in, design-thinking is used to develop innovative products and services that resonate with customers and build brand loyalty. What is Design Thinking? Design thinking is a way of working that helps businesses and organizations better understand their users, challenge preconceived assumptions in their industry or sector, and to redefine problems. This fresh approach to working helps deliver …

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A group of people sitting at a table using a laptop

The Dos and Don’ts for Outsourcing

With evolving supply chain issues and changes to the world due to COVID-19, businesses are looking for every advantage. Working with a potential employee before going through the hiring process is one way to ensure a more successful match. There are over a billion freelancers working worldwide, with close to 60 million operating in the United States alone. Outsourcing has been used for decades to deliver specific skills across agencies, government contracting, and manufacturing. Businesses that adopt outsourcing as a way to fulfill their personnel needs will benefit from new skills and fresh ideas smart freelancers will bring to the …

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