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Founded in 2016 by J.J. Toothman, Lone Rock Point is led by pioneers that have been exploring and innovating in Web, interactive, and digital strategies and capabilities since the first surges of the dot-com wave. Lone Rock Point is establishing a boutique mind-set to become purveyors of artisanal technology solutions for discerning organizations that appreciate quality and recognize value. We develop strategies and execution plans that harness the power of innovation and creativity to allow our clients to maximize their potential in a world of constant digital transformation.



J.J. Toothman

J.J. Toothman is 15 plus year veteran of Web and digital interactive spaces, including Program, Product, and Project Management roles, in addition to Web and mobile application development backgrounds. He is a subject matter expert in enterprise collaborative software; open source content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal; working with open source communities; and deploying, onboarding, and managing multitenant CMS solutions. In 2007, he used WordPress to architect and develop NASA’s first public blog. Subsequently, he developed and implemented Ticketfly’s social marketing platform for music venues. Since 2011, he has been consulting with NASA, leading the development and ongoing iteration of NASA’s enterprise Web strategy, focusing on SaaS solutions supporting NASA mission operatives and program researchers.

Keturah Alsworth
Vice President of Marketing and Operations

Keturah Alsworth is a seasoned internet professional with over ten years of experience. She is well versed in the development of online marketing strategies and measuring their impact for major brands.  She has worked on LG, Intuit, Alaska Airlines, Visa, Hewlett Packard, Nestle, EA, Ambien, which allowed her to build strategic marketing plans for the consumers, business-to-business and technology businesses.  She has managed all interactive media for major brands while establishing a positive and legitimate connection with media partners.  Since starting her career in advertising, Keturah has been a champion of transforming data into strategic learning and direction for her clients. Keturah earned her degree in History at Sonoma State University with an emphasis on Asian studies.  She broke into advertising as a buyer at Saatchi & Saatchi.


Ben Her Marketing
Eleven, Inc.

Metis Flight Research Associates
Metis Technology Solutions

Sure Secure Solutions
Zume Pizza


DUNS: 080426032



511210                        Software Publishers

541690                       Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

518210                        Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services

541511                        Custom Computer Programming Services

541512                        Computer Systems Design Services

541519                        Other Computer Related Services

541513                        Computer Facilities Management Services

541611                        Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

541690                       Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

561110                        Office Administrative Services

561410                        Document Preparation Services

561499                        All Other Business Support Services

611430                        Professional and Management Development Training

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