Metis Technology Solutions

2019 Site UX Redesign
Refreshed branding, logo, and style guide
Aerospace Industry Company

WordPress CMS
Beaver Builder Page Builder

Metis is an aerospace company that was tired of sending around powerpoint decks to communicate its capabilities.


A new website

What we did

We assessed the user experience around business objectives from start to finish, beginning with a design phase that included a new brand identity, logo mark, visual storyboarding, and user persona development.


Metis’ digital brand receives high marks from prospective teaming partners and customers. Its site plays a role in Metis rapid corporate growth and expansion.

In 2016, Metis Technical Solutions found themselves needing an updated website. The Metis team was spending hours sending out capabilities statements and slides to explain their solutions. This was resulting in lost time and inefficiencies in completing other work. Metis founder Joy Colucci approached Lone Rock Point with a question: “Can we replace these documents with just our website?”


In addition to eliminating the need for PDFs and PowerPoint files, Metis needed a rebrand. Their logo didn’t align with the company’s solutions and mission, and although hesitant at first, they agreed that the design of the site needed alignment as well. To best understand their audience, LRP had Metis complete message platform exercises. This “homework” style approach to gathering information proved to be difficult, and a collaborative approach was taken instead.

Strategy & Solutions

The Pinterest mood board for the design phase of the Metis Technology Solutions website redesign provided a visual language foundation that was used throughout the rest of the project.

We started our process with a mood board. This helped to align LRP and Metis in the design phase, determining colors, fonts, and overall aesthetics of the project. Initial designs were created in Figma, and a web style guide was developed. Updated branding guidelines were created along with a new logo that was more modern and fitting for the brand. 


Graphical user interface, website

The partnership between Lone Rock Point (LRP) and Metis proved to be highly successful in tackling the challenges faced by Metis. With LRP’s expertise in website maintenance and design, coupled with Metis’ need for a revamped online presence, the collaboration resulted in impressive outcomes. The transformation brought about by LRP’s strategic approach was remarkable. Metis no longer relied on time-consuming PDFs and PowerPoint decks, streamlining their communication process and freeing up valuable time for other essential tasks. The website served as a comprehensive platform, effectively conveying Metis’ capabilities and solutions to their target audience. By aligning the design and messaging with the company’s mission, Lone Rock Point helped Metis achieve a cohesive and impactful online presence, further enhancing their brand image.