Case Study
Speccio Leadership Group

Speccio Leadership Group – The one where we helped establish an initial brand and website in a month for a thought leader in workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion. website on iPad, iPhone, and Mac desktop monitor display

After a storied history in public service including 33 years at NASA, Deb Feng recognized the crucial importance of establishing a strong digital presence when started her next venture. She understood that a well-designed website and a consistent branding strategy would be vital for attracting and engaging their target audience. However, Deb found herself at a roadblock – they desired a minimalistic design yet lacked a concrete vision for their brand. It was our task to uncover their unique story and translate it into a visually stunning online experience.

strategy and solutions

Brand guidelines

A logo design and supporting brand book introduced the company as being “exciting”,”trustworthy”,”ethical”, and “helpful”.

Gutenberg block editor

This allowed for a no code approach to layout building and content publishing

Exploring different bland schemes for Speccio
Final Speccio Logo
Final Speccio Leadership Group Logo

Lone Rock Point’s deep expertise ensures the highest level of quality and professionalism and their nimbleness allows them to swiftly adapt to any situation.

Deb Feng
Speccio Leadership Group