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Join Michelle Schulp Hunt on Global Accessibility Awareness Day and hear about CivicPress

We’re thrilled to announce that Michelle Schulp Hunt, known for her expertise in UX Design as well as her innovative development work within the WordPress community, will be speaking at this year’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) event.

Michelle joined Lone Rock Point in January 2024 as Director of UX Engineering after working on the NASA and NASA+ project. Since then she has continued to support these projects while working on CivicPress, a new WordPress theme designed to help federal government agencies modernize their websites while seamlessly integrating the benchmarks set by the Integrated Digital Experience Act of 2018 and OMB M-23-22.

At the GAAD event, Michelle will share invaluable insights on CivicPress. CivicPress is not just about compliance; it marries modern design with unparalleled accessibility, setting a new standard for government websites. It leverages the maturity of WordPress Gutenberg and full-site editing features, offering a no-code builder that aids agencies in achieving digital excellence without technical hassles.

Michelle’s session will also highlight CivicPress’s approach to accessibility, from undergoing rigorous audits to integrating automated tools and providing resources for continuous accessibility evaluation. This talk is a must-attend for WordPress product owners aiming to enhance their tools’ accessibility and anyone interested in leveraging WordPress for creating accessible digital environments.

Join us to gain from Michelle’s extensive experience and CivicPress’s innovations on GAAD. Whether you’re looking to understand more about building accessible sites with WordPress or you’re a government agency eyeing digital compliance without compromise, this conversation promises to be rich with knowledge, strategies, and future-forward insights.

Register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/4417140606592/WN_Qw6ejyMQT62ziSYmw_OuXw#/registration

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