The Dos and Don’ts for Outsourcing

With evolving supply chain issues and changes to the world due to COVID-19, businesses are looking for every advantage. Working with a potential employee before going through the hiring process is one way to ensure a more successful match. There are over a billion freelancers working worldwide, with close to 60 million operating in the United States alone. Outsourcing has been used for decades to deliver specific skills across agencies, government contracting, and manufacturing. Businesses that adopt outsourcing as a way to fulfill their personnel needs will benefit from new skills and fresh ideas smart freelancers will bring to the …

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Building Company Culture in a Remote Work World

As much of the business world continues to make the shift toward remote only work, building and maintaining a positive, productive company culture has never been more important. What used to come naturally in-person, must now be converted to teleconferencing, chat and email.  At Lone Rock Point, we’re well versed in the ways of working remotely as a fully distributed workforce. In this post, we’ll share some things we’ve learned along the way as well as examine recent research regarding remote working and offer 8 ways to help your company adapt to the times. How has remote working evolved since …

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