Watch CivicPress in action

We’ve been closely tracking the federal government’s progress taking on the challenges of digital modernization. Last fall, the Office of Management and Budget published OMB M-23-22, Delivering a Digital First Public Experience and we believe it is an excellent definition of what it means to design, delivery, and operate a modern Web experience.

One of the major objectives of OMB M-23-22 is to encourage federal agencies to use the US Web Design System (USWDS). Over the last year, Lone Rock Point has been developing a WordPress theme we call CivicPress that integrates USWDS with WordPress’ full site editing capabilities. Using WordPress in no code ways for Web page building has truly arrived.

We’ve been having some fun using CivicPress to recreate government homepages to showcase the powerful capabilities of using blocks and full site editing . You can view those demo recordings at

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