When you’re implementing a WordPress website for an iconic brand like NASA … and it involves a brand new CMS, 500 storytellers with 150,000 stories to tell, and entirely new ways of doing things … you need a world class online knowledge base and learning system.

A year into implementing a new version of on WordPress, NASA’s content creator user community was ready to hit the ground running on using its new design system and new content management system. To help ensure the user community could experience success, Lone Rock Point implemented Website toolkit, an online knowledge base and learning platform for all aspects of NASA’s flagship WordPress CMS and the design system that CMS brought to life.

Project objectives

Share knowledge

With a new design system and a new content management system, the content creator user community of NASA’s Flagship WordPress site had a massive amount new knowledge to absorb.

Keep the user community informed

Change was happening fast. A project blog was the perfect way to keep users informed of time sensitive information.

Enable content creators to publish inspiring stories

WordPress Gutenberg was a major advancement from the previous form based editor. With storytellers of various experience and background at NASA, a methodical approach to training and learning was needed.

Design system documentation

Lone Rock Point ported design system specifications and guidance from Figma into WordPress where interacting was easier from an organizational perspective using WordPress categories and tags, but also due the ability to use WordPress site search as part of the solution.

Organized tutorial and knowledge base pages

Each component of the atomic design system and capability of the CMS had pages organized with WordPress built in taxonomy term systems.

Utilization of LearnDash Learning Management System

To include a structured learning curriculum with courses for beginning and intermediate content authors as well as users who advanced to gain editorial roles or were interested in less common CMS cases, we integrated training courses with LearnDash.